Acquiring Solutions
Start-up plan
Start-up plan

How about starting your own mobile payment business? Use WoraPay’s mobile payment app WioPay. Furthermore, we offer WPOS (merchant interface), our back-end, card gateway integrations and hosting.
Customizations possible on top.

  • Setup fee – from £3,999
  • Transaction fee – 0,3%
  • Minimum monthly fee applies
Corporate plan
Corporate plan

Would you like to build your own mobile payment solution? Use WoraPay and take advantage of our white label front-end, extensive back-end, open API and existing integrations – or build your own ones with our help.

  • Setup fee – from £9,999
  • Transaction fee – 0,3%
  • Minimum monthly fee applies
Issuing solutions
Retail plan
Retail plan

You are a retailer and your customers hate queues? Make their life easier – and your sales bigger – with Order and Pay, Shop and Pay, Fuel and Pay or other payment methods managed by WoraPay. You can put your brand and logos on top of white-label solution and give your customers extraordinary experience. 

  • Setup fee – from £2,999
  • Order fee – 1,5%
  • Minimum monthly fee applies
Major plan
Major plan

You are launching a peer to peer payment mobile app (wallet) or a cross border money remittance system. WoraPay is ready to provide a full end-to-end solution. Setting up a functional and compliant platform takes a lot of IT know-how, time and expense. Use WoraPay for that. 

  • Setup fee – from £19,999
  • Transaction fee – 0,3%
  • Minimum monthly fee applies
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WPOSOrder & PayP2PSeamless PaymentsWoraPay Credit Card Gateway

  • Order & Pay


    • Cutting-edge mobile payment technology to beat queues and avoid waiting 
    • Enable your customers to order and checkout via mobile payments app
    • Saving time leads to higher customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and increased revenue

  • P2P


    • Peer-to-peer money remittance platform for transfers anywhere in the world
    • We take care of setting up complete platform for you, including necessary licenses, PCI certifications and integrations with card networks
    • Ideal solution for businesses who lack IT knowledge, components or simply time to set up the service themselves
  • Shop & Pay


    • Mobile payment solution for shop customers, looking to bypass queues completely
    • Self-checkout is made easy by scanning shop poster, selecting products on the app and purchasing with a pre-saved card or bank account
    • The software is white-label and customizable, as are other WoraPay products
  • Seamless Payments


    • Software for pay for items and services without any input from a customer in the line
    • Powered by bluetooth technology as it allows to seamlessly communicate to user’s mobile device or card
    • After ID confirmation, WoraPay transfers payment from user’s bank account or card to retailer’s account automatically
  • WPOS


    • Manage extra orders and increase sales by processing them in less time and avoiding walkaways
    • Deliver special offers and notifications straight to your customers’ mobile phones
    • The software is light enough to run on tablets – no extra IT or staff required
  • WoraPay Credit Card Gateway


    • Service for mobile apps, allowing them to support card payments
    • With our help, the integration process is several times faster and cheaper
    • Rest assured of high-quality customer support along the way
Case studies
Lloyds Banking Group office cafes

40% incremental profit, 5.4% average uplift in sales.


In London, during peak hours many coffee-shops experience long queues. To avoid the queueing, consumers search for alternatives . For Gather & Gather – the firm that runs the in-office catering service at all of the Lloyds Banking Group buildings – it means revenue losses.

We thought we could change the situation with our mobile retail technology and allowed customers to order coffee ahead – for example, while commuting or at working desks. People can now pay on WioPay app and check order status in real time. Meanwhile, baristas would receive new orders via mobile WPOS app on their tablets, prepare coffee and deliver it to the pick-up point.

The new payments technology has already saved Lloyds colleagues thousands of man hours and resulted in revenue increase to Gather and Gather. It is now live across all the UK and Ireland. In addition, the bank’s acquiring team has now offered the same technology to their own retailers (coffee-shops, pubs, restaurants, etc.).

TalkRemit Ltd

Are you building a cross-border money transfer solution from scratch?  Not a problem for us!

A London-based startup TalkRemit initiated a project to create a “social wallet” app, allowing people in the UK to send money to their relatives or friends. The app was intended to support chat and video calls, too.

Our knowledge about money remittance and software platform helped TalkRemit avoid the hassle setting up such a service from scratch. In a very short period of time, they had a money remittance platform for their customers, complete with:

  • essential transfer management features
  • credit card integrations
  • KYC (Know your customer) support
  • AML (Anti Money Laundering) support
  • cash-in functionality
  • TalkRemit web page

Beating traffic in West Africa

In Ivory Coast, drivers on toll roads currently can only pay the road fee by cash, with a mandatory stopping at the entry/exit tolls. Needless to say, during rush hours queues are bound to happen, costing time and money.

This is about to change, because we are launching a mobile payment platform with a local-brand SmartPay on it. Using integrated Order and Pay technology on SmartPay app, drivers will be able to pay tolls in advance. The system will also support mobile payments by scanning QR code at the toll. Road owners will receive both types of transfers via WPOS app on tablets (WPOS is a mobile POS system developed by WoraPay).

Payments from telecom accounts are very popular in Ivory Coast. Therefore, we made SmartPay fully compatible both with credit card payment providers and with all local telecom providers.


Smart solutions for tech-savvy clients

Looking to expand their operations in the Baltic states, Poland and Belarus, car parking service company UniPark knew they had to make sure that their customer experience was as smooth as possible.

Initially, UniPark customers could only pay using their telecom provider’s account or sign a contract for advance. The system, although modern, was not always convenient to use, especially to those who expected to use a credit or debit card as a payment method.

Credit and debit card support in UniPark mobile app was a logical next step. Using WoraPay’s white-label software, company can now offer more payment options for their clients. The platform also supports seamless payments, whereby drivers can pay without even touching their mobile phones as they leave parking slots. We certainly hope these changes will help UniPark expand their business even faster and further than before.

About us

Do your customers hate queues? Do they avoid busy shops and restaurants because they don't want to wait? That’s why we founded WoraPay. We develop mobile payment technology to beat queues.

Making life easier for the customer

How great would it be to pay for petrol without having to leave a sleeping child in a car? Or pre-order drinks at a concert from your phone? WoraPay has made this possible.

Making life easier for the retailer

With WoraPay, there’s no need to install any new hardware. Our technology runs on tablets and smart phones. We are lean and mean, so if you send us your requirements today, we can probably launch in a week.

A proven track record

WoraPay was founded by Vaidas Adoumauskas and Aurimas Bakas in 2012. We’ve been running our mobile payment technology for several years now. As a result, not only do we provide the technology, but we can give practical advice, too.

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Vaidas Adomauskas

Co-Founder and CEO

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Aurimas Bakas


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